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GQ boss helps 'sex up' men's wedding title

The newly-launched Stag & Groom magazine has undergone a redesign after its participation in a new television show, In Good Company, writes Sarah Lagan.

In the programme, GQ editor Dylan Jones came on board to give publisher Chris Hanage tips on how to make his title survive and grow, with one piece of advice being to “sex it up”.

Along with business and workplace developers, Investors in People Jones advised that a new designer be hired to sit alongside the rest of the team and create a glamorous feel, more in line with the consumer sector.

Hanage said: “When you are working so close to the product you sometimes cannot see the wood for the trees, so it was useful having Dylan’s advice.

“We know that, because women are buying the magazine for men, we couldn’t go as far as putting Jordan on the front cover with a mini wedding dress on. The advice has helped us realise that we should find a balance.

“Our design was a bit lacklustre, but there is now more interaction between the text and images.”

Jones also criticised the staffing and encouraged the magazine to appoint a full-time editor – Perdita Patterson is acting as a part-time editor – to motivate the staff, giving Hanage the time to focus on wooing advertisers.

The programme was broadcast on ITV London at 7.30pm on Thursday (30 September).