Independent food and drink magazine team launches newspaper for north west

Former Liverpool Echo journalist launches food and drink 'newspaper' to fill gap in demand for quarterly Good Taste magazine

A former Liverpool Echo journalist is launching a new food and drink “newspaper” in the north west to keep up with reader demand between issues of a quarterly magazine first published last year.

Editor Jade Wright is launching the Good Taste newspaper next month with a Christmas edition. The new publication will sit alongside the Good Taste magazine and website, all of which are free to readers.

The newspaper will have an initial distribution of 25,000, compared to the quarterly magazine’s 20,000 copies. It will be available in Merseyside and Chester, as well as Lancashire and North Wales.

The editorial team features several former Echo staffers, including Wright, who was previously the Echo’s food and drink editor.

Wright said the paper’s launch was a response to reader demand and meant they could reach more readers than is possible with the magazine, which launched in September last year.

“The north west’s food and drink scene is booming, and we want to celebrate that,” she said.

“We’ve done some extensive reader research over the last year, and from the feedback we received, it appeared our readers want more of the content we produce.

“They want it more regularly and we’re getting requests from further afield.”

The newspaper will have sections for lifestyle, health, family and homes to complement the brand’s food and drink focus, while it will also enable the team to explore more commercial partnerships, they said.

“The aim of the new product is to make our content available in print to more people, while not compromising the scope and depth of what we do best,” Wright added.

“It also allows independent businesses to advertise with us in print at a more affordable rate.

“We will continue with the same team of journalists who eat, sleep and breathe food and drink… .”


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