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Gone to press: what's in this week's magazine

Reaction to Nick Davies’s book investigating “distortion” in the UK press, Flat Earth News, has snowballed this week – and prompted a particularly robust response from Sunday Times assistant editor David Leppard – whose work was singled out for criticism.

Leppard writes exclusively for us in this week’s Press Gazette – and Nick Davies also hits back at his critics. We also round up other reaction to the book which ranges from Peter Oborne: “This passionately argued and shocking book amounts to a call for action and reform” – to Peter Preston: “It is a dream and a confection, chock full of self deception.”

Good newsfor journalists working on B2Bs: new research suggests business media is in better health than ever. CEO of Incisive Media Tim Weller tells us: “As a sector we are the envy of our British media peers.”

Fed up with the corporate grind? We reveal how to set up your own magazine by talking to the journalists who have risked everything to do it themselves.

As Bauer closes New Woman and First magazines – with the possible loss of 49 editorial jobs – we talk to outgoing NW editor Lauren Libbert and chart the rise and falls of the two titles.

Five News editor David Kermode talks us through the relaunched bulletin. Presenter Natasha Kaplinsky may have donned jeans and a T-shirt – but he tells us: “Populism doesn’t mean dumbing down. It’s lazy and shallow to suggest this is the case.”

Grey Cardigan: the Evening Beast has a new “Head of Special Projects”. Weary staffers have already christened him “Dangermouse, secret agent”.

In The Knowledge: Sun defence editor Ton Newton Dunn reveals the inside story behind his Matty Hull ‘friendly fire’exclusive, how to break into travel journalism and why Swedish news websites may hold the key to making money out of journalism online.

Axegrinder discovers that Martin Newland – editor of a soon-to-be launched Middle East daily – doesn’t want to hear about any more “investigations into labourers’ living standards”.

Our new round-up of everything that’s going on everywhere: The Week in Journalism.

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