Glastonbury set for weekly newspaper war as estate agent turns publisher


An unconventional estate agent is set to start a newspaper war in the Somerset town of Glastonbury by launching his own weekly newspaper.

According to holdthefrontpage, Julian Bending decided to set up the new weekly title because the existing Northcliffe owned Central Somerset Gazette objected to the wording of some his adverts.

 The Telegraph interviewed Bending in 2005 and published this example of one of his property ads for a three-bedroom house:

“A shimmering gem in a mystical sky. Easy does it to this house in magical Bove Town. Extended and open to the possibility of more, this house would suit a Glastafarian woman who, after getting up late, rubs herself all over with some leaves from the forest and makes it itch.”

The paper is due to launch in May with a full-time editor and freelance contributors. More on this from htfp.

Writing for Press Gazette today Devon-based inpdendent local newspaper publisher Paul Henderson insisted that more independent local newspapers, rather big publisher mergers, offered the best future for the regional newspaper industry.

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