Get out of London' Loaded editor told after MI5 stunt

Loaded editor Scott Manson claims he was ordered to leave London after being stopped while projecting a giant image of actress and model Kelly Brook onto the headquarters of security agency MI5.

The stunt was designed to publicise the “Most Wanted Woman” feature in the September issue of the magazine.

The image was projected across the Old Bailey and Wormwood Scrubs prison but was stopped just minutes after going up on the MI5 building at 3am on Monday.

Manson, who was with the stunt team in a van, said: “The projector got turned on in the back of the van, the fan was turned up and suddenly a group of plain-clothed, scary-looking dudes turned up from out of nowhere.

They didn’t just ask us to leave the area – they asked us to leave London.”

He added: “We told them what we were doing but, oddly enough, it didn’t seem to cut any ice.

“They must have called the police because a police car then turned up and followed us all the way home.”

Commenting on the Wormwood Scrubs stunt, Manson said: “I’m hoping we are doing our bit to rehabilitate the prisoners, it will give them the impetus to serve their time and get out.”

The “Most Wanted Woman” in the September issue contains a poll in which 10,000 readers cast their votes for their ideal woman.

The issue also features a 24-page supplement and Brook’s ?rst photo shoot in ?ve years.

By Ruth Addicott

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