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George Osborne stepping down as MP to focus on role as Evening Standard editor

George Osborne is to step down as an MP to focus on his new role as editor of the London Evening Standard.

In a letter to his constituents in Tatton in Cheshire, the former chancellor said he was “very excited” about the prospect of editing the paper.

However, he hinted at a possible future political comeback, saying he was leaving Parliament “for now”.

In his letter, published in the Standard, Osborne said he intended to continue to take an active role in debating the future of the UK.

“I am stepping down from the House of Commons – for now. But I will remain active in the debate about our country’s future and on the issues I care about, like the success of the Northern Powerhouse,” he said.

“I want a Britain that is free, open, diverse and works with other nations to defend our democratic values in the world.

“I will go on fighting for that Britain I love from the editor’s chair of a great newspaper. It’s still too early to be writing my memoirs.”

Osborne had faced intense criticism for taking on the demanding role of editing a London newspaper while remaining MP for a northern constituency.

Since he was sacked as chancellor by Theresa May last year, Osborne has declared almost £1 million in speaking fees in the Register of Members’ Interests.

In addition he is set to earn £650,000 a year working one day-a-week as an adviser to the US investment giant Blackrock while receiving £120,000 as a fellow at the McCain Institute in Washington DC.

His departure from Parliament comes after May made clear there would be no early return to frontline politics following his prominent role in the unsuccessful Leave campaign in which he was accused of exaggerating the dangers of Brexit to the economy.

In his letter, Osborne said he was now looking forward to taking on “new challenges”.

“At the age of 45, I don’t want to spend the rest of my life just being an ex-chancellor,” he wrote.

“I’m very excited about the opportunity to edit the Evening Standard. I’ve met the team there, and their energy and commitment to this great newspaper are positively infectious.”

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1 thought on “George Osborne stepping down as MP to focus on role as Evening Standard editor”

  1. Hi there all
    Mr. Osborne screwing all us taxpayers until the end!
    Please read on to understand what could going on now o.k.

    He is leaving now he got all the benefits the over M.P. got in April 2017

    1 * big pay rise below!
    Senior MPs to receive pay rise totaling £130,000
    MPs pay family members £5,600 more than other staff – Official watchdog
    MPs’ pay to reach nearly £75 k with 1.3% rise
    2 * the triple lock old age pension payments for life now.
    (All Govt got in April as well)
    3 * The only way to receive this cash plus pension for life you had to be a M.P. still in April 2017 when the rise was put in place! — Plus the time line for the pension for life payments kicked in!
    4 * They did on 19th April 2017 as Mr. Osborne knows he put all the pension payment plans in place for M.P.
    (To look after the Tory party backbencher that where rebelling on him.)
    They get this cash payment now, (pension money paid by taxpayer by the way)
    For life now be them in Govt as M.P.s or not now.
    5 * Therefore he stayed in Govt till the time line came 19th April 2017,
    Now he is going he got all the benefits
    (Pay rise + the full paid up pension pot for life)
    At the expenses of us, taxpayer as we will pay his massive pension pot cash for all in Govt now until them all drops dead.
    6 * One last thing the picture in this article well make him look like he as p**all to live off and an out of work politician and in need or our help?
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    .Scrooge would have nothing on “this man he could be Scrooge’s son.
    7 * If what “I have put here is incorrect Mr. Osborne please do correct on this web page or your paper or live on T.V
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    10 * Remember this comment voters in May + June 2017 when voting O.K.
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