Geldof praises British press

Bob Geldof has paid tribute to journalists who held US President
George Bush to account during the joint press conference with Tony
Blair in the White House.

Geldof, who was speaking about the Live
8 concerts on the Johnny Vaughan breakfast show on Capital FM on
Wednesday morning, also acknowledged the “waves of information on the
G8, Africa and poverty that have been published in the British

This praise for the press follows the aggressive call he made to journalists at the British Press Awards in March.

praising The Sun for its Band Aid 20 campaign, which picked up the Hugh
Cudlipp Award for outstanding tabloid journalism, he urged other
newspapers to do more for Africa in the run up to the G8 conference at

As Geldof eulogised The Sun’s coverage he was
barracked by the Daily Mirror tables. To one heckler he said: “You
don’t even know what it is [the G8] you twat. You’ll have a Clarkson
moment in a minute” – a reference to Jeremy Clarkson punching Piers
Morgan at last year’s British Press Awards.

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