Gardeners' World comes up roses

BBC Magazines are set to unveil a newlook BBC Gardeners’

World next month, having spent £1 million on the biggest relaunch of the magazine since its initial launch in 1991.

publisher said the title would be “visually stronger, with new fonts,
layouts and an updated magazine logo,” as well as 100 more pages over
the year.

As part of an extra marketing push, the magazine will
include a cover mount and will be backed by ads in shops, newspapers
and by direct mail.

Adam Pasco, editor of BBC Gardeners’ World,
said: “The team has worked tirelessly to develop an unbeatable mix of
great gardening editorial, from tried-and-tested shopping advice, to
creative ideas for the garden.

“There’ll also be a distinct
section for topical, practical hands-on advice and a new reader club to
further strengthen our relationship with our audience.

“Ultimately we want to create fun and excitement, and our new-look April issue will deliver this perfectly.

We can’t wait for our readers to get their hands on it.”

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