Gallery displays global protest photographs

An exhibition of photos taken at anti-globalisation protests has opened at a London gallery.

The exhibition of 80 prints, by freelances Guy Smallman and Paul Mattson, includes pictures from demonstrations in Nice, Seville, Paris, Genoa and New York in the past three years.

Smallman, who is suing the Swiss Government after being shot in the leg with a concussion grenade at the anti-G8 protests in Geneva a month ago, last week met the deputy Swiss ambassador in London to discuss his case.

He said: “He expressed deep regret on behalf of the Swiss but made it clear he was just a go-between.

“I asked why police were aggressively deployed against people returning from a peaceful demonstration, why did they use concussion grenades and why a disproportionate amount of the people hospitalised appeared to be cameramen and photographers.

“The meeting was constructive and it’s a case of just waiting now to see what happens.”

The exhibition is at the Aquarium Gallery, Woburn Walk, near Euston station. It is open until Friday, 11 July, every day from 11am to 6pm.

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