Future of Media Explained podcast 4: How Time magazine made $10m selling NFTs, with Keith Grossman

Future of Media Explained podcast 4: How Time made $10m selling NFTs, with president Keith Grossman

Keith Grossman Time NFTs

The fourth edition of Press Gazette’s weekly Future of Media Explained podcast is entitled How Time magazine made $10m selling NFTs.

This week, Press Gazette reporter Bron Maher interviews Keith Grossman, the president of US magazine icon Time.

Grossman led the publisher as it made millions selling non-fungible tokens: digital objects “minted” on the blockchain and purchased with cryptocurrency.

In this episode, Grossman tells Press Gazette how he hit upon NFTs as a revenue stream and why he thinks that a focus on community, art and values, rather than greed, have sustained Time’s efforts while the NFT market in general flatlines.

Listen to episode four of Press Gazette’s Future of Media Explained podcast here:

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