Future launches set to bring jobs boost

Weir aims to hit rivals with launch of Digital Camera Magazine

Future has created more jobs and is expected to announce three new titles by Christmas – in addition to the launches of Digital Camera Magazine and Digital Home which were unveiled last week.

The new titles coincide with the rebranding of Future’s computing division, which has been renamed Future Digital.

John Weir, publishing director of Future Digital, said: "We felt the computing market was moving on. People tended to associate computing with PCs and Macintoshes and it restricted our growth. We want to expand into areas such as digital cameras."

He said the move would result in around six more jobs for journalists, mostly on new monthlies. He was reluctant to reveal details about content, but Future is believed to be looking at ideas related to handheld PCs in the education sector.

Future is to go head-to-head with IPC, Emap and Paragon with the launch of Digital Camera Magazine. The 148-page monthly is aimed at first or second digital camera owners with some knowledge of PCs. Edited by Nick Merritt, who launched the Official Windows XP magazine, it features news, interviews, reviews and buyers’ guides. It is due to go on sale on 24 October with a print run of 60,000 and a £4.99 cover price.

The digital camera market grew by 20 per cent last year and Weir said a survey showed that more than 100,000 readers from Future’s other titles intended to buy digital cameras this year.  "We are determined to take market share from Paragon and IPC," he said. "If you’re launching a new magazine you want to take sales away from other titles and hopefully we can give readers a real dilemma."

Future plans to spend £250,000 on the launch of Digital Camera Magazine and a further £100,000 on Digital Home, a one-off title centred around digital lifestyle. The 132-page title will provide a "coffee table guide" to new technologies in the home and have a print run of 50,000. PC Format editor Dan Hutchinson has overseen the launch and is working on both titles.

By Ruth Addicott

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