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FT wraps up the Hong Kong market

The Financial Times has wrapped Hong Kong’s tallest building, Two International Finance Centre, in a vast mock-up of the newspaper as part of a bid to promote the new Hong Kong edition, writes Dominic Ponsford.

The FT has declined to reveal the latest sales figures for the edition, but at its launch in September, sales across Asia accounted for 27,000 of the FT’s 460,000 worldwide circulation.

FT Asia editor John Ridding said: “The signs have been very encouraging since we launched the new edition in September. It’s too early to comment on specific numbers, but we’ve had some very positive feedback from both readers and advertisers.

“The key thing is that we’re looking for long-term, sustainable, quality circulation growth, rather than a short-term leap.”

The FT currently has 17 journalists based in Hong Kong, with other contributors across the region.

Ridding said: “The feeling is that we’ve reached an effective balance between really incisive regional and global coverage – we’ve certainly created a big impact within the high echelons of Asia’s business circles, which is exactly as we’d hoped.”

The wrap measures 226 metres from top to bottom and reaches a height of 400 metres on the recently completed building.