FT man heads Oxford press faculty

By Zoe Smith

Financial Times contributing editor John Lloyd has been appointed director of journalism at the newly formed Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at Oxford University.

Rosemary Martin, director of the Reuters Foundation, which is involved in the creation of the Oxford centre, said: "The institute will be a mixture of things. It will have a research element to it, but as it is for journalists we are keen to make sure that the research is timely and relevant.

"We are starting the institute initially as a research institute primarily. There will be summer schools and short opportunities for people to come and take part in events in Oxford. Once the institute is up and running for a while it may become a centre for post-graduate studies in journalism, but that is some way down the line as yet."

The institute has also announced it is looking for a director.

Martin said: "Because it is a university institute we are looking for somebody who will have academic standing and credibility, but also because it is an institute for practical journalism we are also looking for someone who has a foot in the real world of journalism.

"We’re looking for someone who can cover both areas of expertise. We are very interested in international applicants."

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