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Free single malt whisky for sub-editors: Yes, really....

Industry bigwigs have been queuing up to stick the boot in to sub-editors in recent years – with media luminaries ranging from David Montgomery to Roy Greenslade proposing a ‘final solution’ to journalism’s economic woes with the elimination of sub-editors.

But as Axegrinder and Grey Cardigan have recently been pointing out – the results of such cost-cutting can be calamitous.

Press Gazette says enough is enough: It’s time to save our subs, and cherish the work they do.

With this end in mind we have relaunched Press Gazette magazine’s much-missed headline of the month competition – which was also recently reprised by All Media Scotland.

And thanks to some generous sponsorship we can offer the winning headline writer, and the colleague who nominates them, a bottle of Jura single malt whisky every month.

As if that’s not enough, we are also launching a new headline of the year contest. The winner of that will win an exclusive weekend away on the Isle of Jura where George Orwell wrote 1984, with the colleague who nominates the winning headline to receive a bottle of exclusive 1974 Jura whisky which is worth £500 a bottle.

So to hell with search engine optimisation: Press Gazette is looking for headlines which show wit, intelligence and craft while grabbing the reader’s attention.

Nominations should be sent to

Entries are welcomed from all sectors of journalism – print and online.



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