Free newspaper launched for London Arabs

A weekly newspaper for London’s Arab community is the latest title to join the capital’s increasingly crowded free newspaper market.

Some 30,000 copies of Local Arabia will be distributed every Monday morning targeted at a British Arab community its backers estimate at one million people.

General manager Nawaf Altamimi said: “Before Local Arabia launched there was no local newspaper or magazine available for the diverse needs and interests of the British- Arab community originating from over 22 countries, living in the UK”.

“Local Arabia is a newspaper which promotes the inclusion of the British-Arab population in Britain. It encourages the adoption of this hyphenated identity”. Mr Altamimi said.

Editor in chief Mohammed Masharqa said: “

“Our aim is to raise awareness of multiple layers of identity, fostering a sense of belonging to the UK.”

The title will be 24 pages initially and bilingual Arabic/English distributed in Arabic shops, mosques and schools in Central London.

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