Former Times columnist Tim Montgomerie leaves Unherd news website he founded last year

Former Times columnist Tim Montgomerie has resigned from Unherd, the alternative news website he founded last year to offer readers a “deep dive” on global politics and other topics.

Montgomerie tweeted this morning that he had “recently resigned” from Unherd. He was editor of the site when it launched last year with up to 15 full-time journalists.

The website looks set to continue on as Montgomerie wished his team “every success in the months ahead”. Former Daily Telegraph journalist Sally Chatterton is currently listed as the site’s editor.

Montgomerie tweeted: “The aim of building a site where diverse and neglected voices gather is a noble one.”

Montgomerie, who also worked as comment editor at the Times, told Press Gazette in April last year that Unherd journalists “will be given the time and will possess the skills to dive deeply into their subject areas” and “challenge out-of-date, incorrect and even dangerous thinking”.

He added: “Unherd won’t be following hourly, daily or even weekly developments closely. We’ll be using the skills of the journalists we employ to understand the five big topics we aim to focus upon.”

The website is organised by seven themes: capitalism, “flyover country”, technology, news and media, religion, global affairs and “groupthink”.

Montgomerie declined to comment further when approached by Press Gazette.

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