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Former Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie admits to 'buyer's remorse' after voting in favour of Brexit

Former Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie has revealed he feels a sense of “buyer’s remorse” after voting for Britain to leave the EU.

The Sun columnist wrote in today’s paper that he was “fearful of what lies ahead” after the referendum win for Brexit led to political turmoil and economic uncertainty.

MacKenzie, who wrote an article titled 10 reasons why you must vote Brexit in Thursday’s crucial once in a lifetime referendum in the week before Thursday’s vote, said today: “When I put my cross against Leave I felt a surge as though for the first time in my life my vote did count. I had power.

“Four days later I don’t feel quite the same. I have buyer’s remorse. A sense of be careful what you wish for. To be truthful I am fearful of what lies ahead. Am I alone?”

The Sun and other titles that backed the Leave campaign, including the Daily Express, Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail, have come under fire from Remainers over their change of editorial tone post Brexit vote.

InFacts, a pro-Remain website founded by a group of editors and led by columnist and author Hugo Dixon, notes that The Sun warned its readers  “UK citizens will soon lose the right to live and work in EU nations following the historic vote for Brexit” on results day despite having called on its readers to vote Leave with a front page leader column (below) in the days before the polls opened.

In a comment piece Dixon said: “Despite asserting just days ago that voters should ‘BeLeave in Britain’, The Sun started outlining desperate measures to reclaim EU citizenship. For example, you might be ‘lucky enough’ to have Irish parents.

“‘The next possible route to an EU passport is marriage,’ continues the erstwhile campaigner against sham marriages. Or you could just ‘buy your way in to EU nationality’, it concludes, despite slamming the sale of citizenship earlier this month.”

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