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Follow Giles Coren's every, er, movement on Twitter

Potty-mouthed hack and TV tart Giles Coren has discovered Twitter, and readers of his Times columns might find his language a little shocking (although Times subs will be used to it, of course)

Here’s a selection from his first fortnight’s tweets:

‘Who the fuck’s fucked up ipod is this?”

‘fuck I hate computers. No they hate me.”

‘trying to tweet a photo. Is it fucked or is it me?”

‘fuck me what an absolute cunt”

‘Sofra in Mayfair, full of hedgefund fools forking down fuckawful bland, ugly, totally unTurkish chain food.”

‘man, that stinky lambstick repeats on a fellow. like i swallowed a weasel. i’m burping shit and fur.”

‘A bowl of punishment muesli: aquarium grit and birdseed. Goes you through you like a plunger. Should bring on 2nd poo of morning around 11.”

‘it seems my scatalogical approach has actually lost me 2 followers. Probably old people. Jealous cos they can’t poo.”

‘desperately pumping poo stories in hope of upturn”

Axegrinder understands Coren is now working on a programme for BBC1, his output having previously been seen on BBC2 and Channel 4. Perhaps going mainstream will make him clean up his act … and his mouth.



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