Fire brigade starts charging media for images of incidents

Fire brigade starts charging media for images of incidents

A major city’s fire brigade has raised eyebrows by charging the media for permission to publish its photographs of incidents.

The unusual decision to impose a fee for pictures taken by firefighters was made by the fire service in the city of Munich, Germany.

It came to light after the Munich Fire Brigade was called upon to rescue a kitten which had gotten stuck in the engine compartment of a car.

During the rescue operation, a firefighter took pictures of his colleagues freeing the unfortunate cat (which has made a complete recovery).

Instead of making the pictures freely accessible for the media – common procedure by emergency services the world over – the MFB decided to levy a charge per picture for each media outlet that wanted to use them.

In a press release, the brigade said: “We would like to point out that the publication of our photos in print media is subject to a charge.

“The image fee is €25.00 (£21.80) per published image.”

When it was challenged over the unusual move, the MFB replied that the charge was needed to cover the costs incurred in the process.

A spokesperson said: “We make the charge because there is effort involved in making the pictures available to the press and this needs to be paid for.”

British fire brigades have warned the decision by their German colleagues could curtail the free flow of information.

A London Fire Brigade spokesperson said: “I’ve never heard of this before and we certainly have no plans to charge the press for the usage of our photographs.

“All pictures which we post, mostly via our social media accounts, are available to the media free of charge.

“We own the copyright, as in most cases they were taken by fire officers and we make them available with a request that the fire service be credited.

“We certainly don’t have any plans to charge because we need the media to cover incidents.

“A big part of what we do is fighting fires in which the bravery of those involved should be highlighted, but also promoting safe practices is also a big part of what we do and for this we also need to work with the press, and not make money out of them.”


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