Finalists for Student Journalism Awards

The shortlists have been drawn up for Press Gazette’s first Student Journalism Awards, sponsored by the National Lottery. The final judging takes place next month for the awards, which will be announced at an event on 26 June at The Brewery in London.

They are as follows:


Student News Writer of the Year: Anna Davies, City University; Lisa Merry, City College Brighton; Kate Jackson, Cardiff University; Wesley Johnson, City University; Claire Watson, City College Brighton; Simon Rose, City College Brighton; Samantha Jane Lawton, Wolverhampton College; Rachel Richardson, City University.


Team of the Year: Westminster News Online, University of Westminster; Unspun, Cardiff University; Cityzine, City University; Leeds Today, Trinity and All Saints College; International Perspectives, City University; Islington Post/Herald/Star, City University; Highbury Express, Highbury College; Workshy, Cardiff University.


Student radio journalist: Shourjo Sarkar, Trinity and All Saints College; Mike Geddes, Trinity and All Saints College; Natalie Eyles, University of Westminister; Jason Caffrey, Goldsmiths College; Christine Pawlowsky, Goldsmiths College; Neeraj Bali, City University; Sarah Eustance, Goldsmiths College; Miranda Schunke, Cardiff University.


Student feature writer: James Ducker, University of Central Lancashire; Chris Tryhorn, City University; Paul Collins, Liverpool Community College; Olav Bjortomt, Nottingham Trent University; Jane Kirby, City College, Brighton; Geraint Thomas, Cardiff University; Ginanne Brownell, City University; Claire Newbon, Harlow College.


Student TV journalist: John Hopkins, Cardiff University; Mike Geddes, Trinity and All Saints College; Abigail Neal, Cardiff University; Stephen Holden, University of Leeds; Dima Hamdam, Nottingham Trent University; Sara Schoenburg, Nottingham Trent University.


Student photographer: William Binns, Sheffield College; Clare Lewis, Sheffield College; Sabah Kaiser, Brighton City College; Katherine Batchelor, Sheffield College; Laura Holme, Sheffield College; Amvrosios Demou, Sheffield College.


Student online journalist: Jamie Baldwin, Nottingham Trent University; David Prudames, City College Brighton; Rawle Titus, City University; Saif Shahin, University of Central Lancashire; Amba Batra, City University.


Student interviewer: Richard Heath, University of Sheffield; Dan Whittle, TAS College; Rawle Titus, City University; Faye Rowe, Bournemouth University; Olav Bjortomt, Nottingham Trent University; Dolly Dhingra, NoSweat Journalism.


Student Scoop: James Ducker, University of Central Lancashire; Karen Barichievy, Trinity Mirror Training; Claire Newbon, Harlow College; Simon Crisp, Wolverhampton College; Jane Mornement, PMA Training; Beth Ann Brookfield, Sheffield University.

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