Ferrari gears up for an anniversary bash

The Ferrari Press Agency is planning a party to celebrate its 60th anniversary.

reporters include Kelvin MacKenzie, who went on to edit The Sun ,
Richard Stott, who did likewise at the Daily Mirror , Sky crime
correspondent Martin Brunt, Mirror royal correspondent Jane Kerr and,
more recently, The Sun ‘s new royal reporter Duncan Larcombe, Mail on
Sunday showbiz correspondent James Tapper and News of the World feature
writer Mike Hamilton.

Its current owners and directors, Adam
Gillham and Matthew Bell, along with former owner Geoff Garvey, intend
to throw the party in the summer, probably in Fleet Street.

they want anyone who has been connected to the agency, either as a
staff member or freelance, to contact them if they wish to attend.

not directly connected to the agency, particularly newspaper staff who
have dealt with Ferrari over the years, will also be welcome.

Gillham said: “It promises to be a great occasion because so many wellknown and successful journalists have worked at Ferrari.”

97.3’s breakfast show presenter Nick Ferrari, whose late father Lino
set up the agency in 1945, will be invited, as will his mother Joyce,
Lino’s widow.

Anyone who wishes to attend, or has an anecdote, should email details to or

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