Farmers Weekly wants foot and mouth inquiry


Farmers Weekly has launched a campaign for a full public inquiry into the foot and mouth crisis and is urging readers to lobby the Prime Minister.

The magazine aims to increase public awareness of the ongoing plight of farmers now that national media interest has subsided.

Deputy editor Mike Stone said: "Foot and mouth is still going on in this country and is still wrecking the farming business – it’s just not in the media as much. This campaign is a way of offering consolation for those who are still suffering." He said Farmers Weekly journalists had responded to readers’ letters requesting a public inquiry. "The readers felt that there ought to be one and there was a growing concern that an independent inquiry would not be open to public scrutiny."

The magazine has urged readers to record their personal details on forms, which will be sent to Tony Blair.

The Prime Minister will be asked how "after the carnage that has unfolded in our countryside, can you deny such a request?"

Conservative agriculture spokesman Tim Yeo told the magazine the only way to restore trust was a full independent and public inquiry.

Farmers Weekly is running the campaign in association with its website, www.fwi.co.uk

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