Express scores a Dons exclusive

The Evening Express in Aberdeen produced a special edition on its exclusive story that Aberdeen Football Club had sacked manager Steve Paterson. The paper produced 4,000 copies of the special edition, which hit the streets before the club publicly revealed the sacking.

A source tipped off deputy sports editor Charlie Allan, allowing the Express to get the extra issue out straight after the first edition run, as well as two updates throughout the day.

The final edition revealed how Paterson had been smuggled out of the ground in the boot of a car. Paterson gave the paper an exclusive interview the following day.

Evening Express deputy editor Damian Bates said: “We have given it big licks because this is a major issue for us. Aberdeen FC is at the heart of the community and it has been such a successful operation in the past. There is nothing you want to do more than to make sure your readers get all the information at their fingertips.”

Initial indications suggest a significant boost to circulation.

By Sarah Lagan

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