Express deputy resigns in Operation Ore swoop

Andy Bull, deputy editor of the Sunday Express for the past six months, has resigned after he was arrested last week for downloading child pornography.

He left Express Newspapers by mutual agreement and maintains he has nothing to hide.

Bull, pictured left, 45, was restricted, on legal advice, from saying anything about his arrest by Scotland Yard’s Paedophile Investigations Unit, as part of Operation Ore, other than that he was co-operating fully with the police and had nothing to hide.

The alleged offence was said to have occurred two years ago when Bull is reported to have lost his credit card. The card was used to download material from the internet.

Operation Ore was instigated when the FBI gave Scotland Yard details of British cards used to download sexual images of children from the net.

Bull was sacked from The Mail on Sunday in 1997 after a disagreement with the then editor Jonathan Holborow over changes to the features department. He was then assistant editor, features.

He joined The Times as a consultant with a roving brief, leaving in 2001 to join AOL in London.

Bull has also worked for the Daily Mail and The Independent.

He was released on bail after questioning. His computer was removed from his home as part of the investigation.

By Jean Morgan

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