Expert eye diagnosis way off the mark

From: Phil Johnson Subject: Medical magazines Brian Deer’s Expert
Eye (Press Gazette, 23 September) seems to have become a little misty –
perhaps as a result of excessive self-congratulation. And his sneering
accusation that the medical weeklies ignored the Vioxx story is just
plain wrong.

In June 2004 Pulse reported concerns about the
safety profile of cox-2 inhibitors (the class of drugs to which Vioxx
belongs), three months before Vioxx was withdrawn. Since then it has
published numerous articles keeping GPs updated with expert advice.

year before Brian’s “most excellent investigation”, our editorial said:
“When patient safety is at stake, the Government has a duty to provide
GPs with guidance that is clear, accurate and, above all, timely. The
Vioxx shambles must not be repeated.”

Yes, Pulse carries adverts
for licensed prescription medicines, including cox- 2s. It also reports
concerns about them without fear or favour.

Phil Johnson Editor, Pulse

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