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Ex-Telegraph foreign ed relaunches The World Today

Chatham House is re-launching its international affairs magazine The World Today under new editor Alan Philps.

The magazine has also announced it is to be published every two months and every two months but its pagination is being bumped up from 32 pages to 52.

Philps started his career as a Reuters trainee in 1979 and is the former foreign editor of The Daily Telegraph.

Commenting on his plans for The World Today, Philps said: ‘I spent my life in dealing with foreign affairs and, having worked at the Telegraph, I know how to cast things for a wider audience than the Chatham House audience.

‘Our aim is to get a wider coverage and to provide a magazine for the interested general reader which takes them beyond what they could read on websites or in the papers.”

Research by the Media Standards Trust published in 2010 claimed that foreign coverage in newspapers had fallen dramatically over the last thirty years, and Philps eyes an opportunity in the current market for a more dedicated publication on foreign affairs.

‘I’m not saying foreign coverage is declining, I am saying that there’s only one direction that newspaper foreign budgets are going to go in and that is they are going to decline.

‘And I think we will increasingly see that newspapers focus on one big thing at a time – nothing wrong with that – the audience can’t concentrate on everything so serious focus is on Libya, but what about the rest of the world?

‘There’s all sorts of things going on in China, Africa, which don’t get a look in. So I do see that as an opportunity. There are people who are very interested, increasingly in the world and they want more that they can find in their newspaper.”

The World Today has a circulation of 9,000 per issue in around 80 countries worldwide and it available to subsribers as well as members of Chatham House.