How to make most of events bounceback: Future of Media Explained pod

Future of Media Explained podcast 11: How to make the most of live events bounceback, with Wired’s Greg Williams

Wired deputy global editorial director Greg Williams talks about events bounceback

Publishers around the world were dealt a devastating blow in March 2020 when many events had to be abruptly cancelled, with UK B2B publishers losing more than £2bn as a result that year alone.

But many quickly pivoted to digital and managed to salvage something from the wreckage of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Now, in 2022, publishers are finding the appetite is very much there among their audiences to get back into a room together, be inspired and have big conversations again.

Press Gazette’s UK editor Charlotte Tobitt spoke to Wired’s deputy global editorial director Greg Williams (pictured) about the Conde Nast magazine brand’s return to large-scale in-person events this year including Wired Health and Wired Smarter.

Williams told us about why he is feeling bullish about events, what audiences are most tired of, and how best to make it work commercially – as well as why simple panel discussions are often not enough anymore.

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