Evening Standard in World Cup dash

The London Evening Standard was on the streets with a “We’re through” front page just 45 minutes after England’s 1-0 World Cup victory over Slovenia yesterday.

The final whistle went at 4.50pm and 15 minutes later a front page and four pages of live match coverage were on the presses. Some 30,000 copies of the World Cup special were distributed to commuters.

The Standard starts its 600,000 print run at 1pm but always updates the paper with live coverage throughout the several hours it takes to print.

The Standard brought out a Budget Day special edition on Tuesday headlined TAX AND AXE with full coverage of chancellor George Osborne’s cust-cutting Budget.

The New York Times showed Londoners picking up the Budget Day Evening Standard as a four-column picture across the front page yesterday.

A delighted Standard spokesman said: ‘New York is following a British path. The BBC regularly uses film of Evening Standard readers eagerly picking up copies for coverage of the big stories a day ahead of the national papers.

‘This was the case on the BBC’s main news programme on Tuesday night after George Osborne’s budget. The Standard had the Budget details on the streets within half an hour of George Osborne sitting down.”

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