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Evening Standard editor George Osborne to deliver Hugh Cudlipp Lecture in 2019

Evening Standard editor George Osborne will deliver the next annual Hugh Cudlipp Lecture, which marks its 20th anniversary next year.

The lecture will take place at Regent’s University, Regent’s Park, London, on 7 March 2019 from 6,30pm and is free to attend. Visit londonpressclub.co.uk to register.

The winner of the £1,000 Hugh Cudlipp Award for Student Journalism will also be announced on the night. Entries are open until 15 February 2019 (see below for details on how to enter).

Trustees of the lecture said they invited Osborne, the former Chancellor of the Exchequer, because “it would be insightful and timely to hear from someone who had served at the highest level in government but had crossed the political divide into journalism and was now charged with holding power to account”.

Osborne began editing the Standard in May last year after he was named successor to Sarah Sands. He stepped down as an MP shortly before taking up the role ahead of the last general election.

Osborne was interviewed by Andrew Marr in September last year (pictured top), saying that if he had continued to be an MP while editing the Standard it would have left him “a bit compromised”.

The Cudlipp Lecture was created in 1999 in memory of the former Daily Mirror editor and giant of Fleet Street. It is run by the London Press Club, with support from the Mirror and Cision.

Last year’s lecturer was former BBC director general and Times editor James Harding. Previous lecturers include Sir Harold Evans, Jon Snow, Lionel Barber, Piers Morgan and Alan Rusbridger.

The Hugh Cudlipp Student Award is given to a student who has made an outstanding contribution to journalism for an article, series of articles or video exploring an issue of public interest.

Entries must have been published in print or on an online news website between January 2018-19 in a national, regional or local newspaper (paid-for or free) or a supplement which is not part of assessed coursework.

One entry is allowed per person. Entrants should submit PDFs of work in print or a link to an online version (best for videos). The source and date of publication must be shown, or added if unclear.

To be eligible to apply, students must have graduated from, or been enrolled at, a UK university or college during 2018. They need not be studying media or journalism-related subjects.

Send entries to paulrcharman@gmail.com along with the following details: name, age, home address, email address, telephone number and proof of college/university attendance.



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2 thoughts on “Evening Standard editor George Osborne to deliver Hugh Cudlipp Lecture in 2019”

  1. Dear Sir,

    Tim Collins,a previous adviser to John Major states the following a bit further down this e mail.

    Certainly, the substantial majority of my many friends here in the heart of England would never support a Labour Government again after previous fiasco ones under Blair and Brown, (Liam Byrne and the cupboard is bare), and it is certainly true that we have all voted for a complete extrication from the EU, meaning we would support a “No Deal” above all other possibilities.

    It is interesting to know from you,Mr Tim Collins, that our views are shared by around 70% of other supporters of the Conservative Party with only 24% or thereabouts, wanting to “remain” in this wretched ,corrupt,profligate and undemocratic cabal who now insult Mrs May, and therefore our nation to the point where it is hard to believe that any sane person might want to continue under their yoke!

    It is also true, as you highlight, that if Mrs May were to hold a General Election now,however unlikely, and point out the truth that the Labour Party and the Liberal Democratic Party had and have no intention whatsoever of acknowledging and supporting the result of the 2016 referendum, then we too think Mrs May might have a far better outcome and success that many of her weak,craven and “Remainer” Ministers and MP’s imagine, and all those betrayed Labour supporters living mainly in the North and Midlands would also more than likely, as they have been insulted and by-passed,support the Conservative Party in such an event.

    Thank you for providing some very useful information which you really ought to bring more forthrightly to the Prime Minister’s attention, and to the attention of Lidington,Lewis,Green,Gauke,Hammond,Duncan,Brokenshire,Soubry,Rudd,Letwin,Wollaston and all those other non-democrats, who clearly have no faith in our great nation’s ability to thrive for generations into the future!!

    Lord Lilley who helped create the WTO accuses the Government, which includes you Mr Lewis, of scaremongering over a “No Deal” BREXIT,and that it will cause minimal disruption because if the EU tried to hold up goods it would break international law, and he described the image of lorries held up at Dover as “a complete myth”.

    The Queen’s chaplain, the Very Reverend John Hall who is Dean of Westminster used his Christmas message to appeal for a degree of optimism over quitting the EU.

    Both good, true Englishmen unlike the negative Lewis and his other “Remainers/Remoaners.

    Yours faithfully,

    Paul Rodgerson

    The Beeches

    Upperwood Road

    Matlock Bath


  2. Ludicrous. He has no journalism experience and walked into a job he didn’t deserve because he was a celebrity. A trainee on a regional paper could give a better journalism lecture than this privileged ninny.

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