Evening Post devotes 23 pages to Blair's visit

The Evening Post, Bristol, devoted 23 pages of coverage over 10 days to a whistle-stop visit by Tony Blair, which focused on crime in the city.

Political editor Ian Onions secured a face-to-face interview with the PM, which was spread across three pages the next day.

The key theme to Blair’s argument in the interview was the belief that you cannot tackle 21st century crime with a 19th century judicial system, and how he wanted to increase neighbourhood policing.

The Evening Post also dedicated a page a day for seven days to victims of crime and people working in the criminal justice system, and published an entire lecture given by Blair to members of the public on the subject of crime.

Deputy editor Rob Stokes said: “We gave it the sort of in-depth treatment that TV and radio could never match, and I think that’s the key.

“If you look at our coverage you can see why regional newspapers can still have more impact and still reach more people than anyone else.”

Blair will be visiting other cities across the country in the coming weeks.

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