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Erotic magazine The Amorist moves online-only after seven issues in print

Erotic magazine The Amorist has stopped publishing in print seven months after it launched, but will continue as a online-only title.

The monthly magazine, which looked to capitalist on the print audience left behind by the Erotic Review’s transition to digital, has said the current issue will be the last.

According to a letter from publisher James Pembroke to print subscribers, seen by Press Gazette, the title will “continue to publish new articles and stories” online at and in a weekly newsletter.

Pembroke, who also publishes The Oldie magazine, said: “I am writing to let you know that the current issue of the Amorist (issue seven) will be the final edition to be produced.”

He said the magazine had been recently approached by an investor “who showed a very serious interest in rescuing [it]”, but added: “Sadly, he has now decided not to go ahead but we needed to give him every chance.”

The Amorist launched in April, seven years after the Erotic Review went digital, with an intial print-run of 12,000 and a cover price of £4.95.

In an interview with Press Gazette at the launch, editor Rowan Pelling said: “It is more aimed at women and couples whereas the Erotic Review did seem to be a bit boys’ school smut.

“We had a conversation and it just went from there. James [Pembroke] was remarkably quick at finding backing and there does seem to be an appetite for it.”

The Amorist has an editorial team of four, including Pelling, a deputy editor, designer and features editor.


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  1. Well, well. after buying two issues in WHS, and no more appeared, it’s taken a couple of years to find you’re on line only. I value books, printed material and hand made pictures – no digits except those I otherwise employ. Would you like to try a special issue for newsstand sales? “The Best of the Amorist – the pictures, the stories, the letters – “going at it like a pair of steam driven mink!” – never having seen a mink, steam driven or otherwise, the picture this conjured is outstanding. Or will you join all the other good things which are now “on line only”, out of reach of those who value a page turning, armchair plus favourite glass, in front of the fire (possibly on a furry rug, but that’s another story) experience? I once learned about computers in communications. The lack of privacy, the insecurity – I don’t hack, but I know it can be done easily – and the tracing and watching of your “preferences” by most browsers puts me off almost anything on line. Besides, would you read fifty shades on a computer? Or reveal your “preferences” in an email (bit like sending a postcard!) which anyone can read? I think not. My “preferences” – and one of my lady friends once called me “the world’s most gracious lover” – are my own business, thanks. As are my (amateur) paintings. You won’t find them on the web. You might, however, find them on my lady friends’ bedroom wall. Or perhaps in their bathroom . . . ! Bring back the glamour of a fine black and white or monochrome photo/painting, a concise, well crafted letter, printed in good ink on quality paper. To be savoured and archived against the cold dark winter days in old age, not deleted in a clear out of the in box. Which I am not quite “in” yet, thank you very much for asking. Sincerely….

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