Entrant to homes abroad sector

A new property title for people who are looking to buy a second home abroad launched this week, called Homes Worldwide.

The monthly is the latest launch from overseas property specialist Merricks Media, which aims to turn it into the market leader for the international property and lifestyle sector.

The 188-page title will focus on property hotspots and target anyone, from the small investor to someone who is looking for a retirement property.

Managing director of Merricks Media, Lisa Doerr, said: “There are products out there in the market but they are very ad-driven. Ours has 70 per cent advertising and offers the reader unparalleled advice.”

The first issue includes a 24-page spotlight on buying property in Croatia, Australia and New Zealand, a profile on South Africa, a round-up of the best buys for under £50,000 in Europe and a retirement special on Cyprus. There is also an A to Z fact-file containing crucial facts from air travel time to language, currency and capital gains tax.

“What’s exciting about this is that the property market is very immature at the moment in terms of publications and we are coming at it with a first rate product and offering more than what’s currently out there,” Doerr said. “If you can imagine what What Car? does for the car market, that’s what we will be doing for property abroad.”

Homes Worldwide will compete against rival titles A Place in the Sun magazine and Homes Overseas. Doerr suggested readers would buy more than one title and is hoping to sell 20,000 from an initial print run of 45,000. It has a cover price of £3.50.

Roz Cooper is managing editor, with Sue Bartucca as editor.

Ruth Addicott

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