English diligence impresses Elena

A Russian journalist who took a busman’s holiday to East Anglia said she found English local papers similar to those in her homeland.

However, she noted that English journalists seemed to work harder than their Russian counterparts.

Elena Yushkova, 39, from Russian North Newspaper in Vologda, wrote to Archant chief executive John Fry seeking work placement and was invited to spend a week at the Lowestoft Journal, edited by Russell Cook Yushkova told Press Gazette: “I didn’t notice any major differences because people do the same in this newspaper as they do in Russia.

“The Lowestoft Journal covers all aspects of regional life and Russian newspapers do the same things.

“The most interesting thing is that it is a very big newspaper – it has 80 pages and in Russia we have only 24.

“People worked very intensely – the journalists had to write a lot of articles and the advertising department had to find a lot of advertising.”

She added: “I have had a busy and interesting programme, studying marketing and other aspects of the newspaper business.”

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