Employment success for media studies graduates

Media studies, often derided by academics and prospective employers, is one of the most successful in leading to gainful employment for its graduates, according to research by university admissions and employment bodies.

The Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services, the Higher Education Careers Services Unit, and the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service assert that media studies is among the top 10 degree subjects in terms of securing employment, claiming that 73.6 per cent of its graduates find work within six months of completing studies.

Their report, What Do Graduates Do?, charted the career destinations of graduates in their first six months.

It found almost half of recent media studies graduates that were employed – 49.2 per cent – had secured professional positions in that period. And 11.5 per cent of employed media studies graduates entered media, literary, design and sports-related work.

Around 15 per cent found jobs in marketing, sales, PR and advertising, with a further 14.5 per cent gaining management positions in the commercial, industrial and public sectors.

The research also claimed to confirm “an important link between work experience and the employment prospects of students”, by showing that degrees with the best employment prospects had some of the highest proportion of graduates returning to a previous employer.

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