Empire editor moves to Emap digital division

Publishers need to meet the challenge of the "tipping point" that comes with nationwide broadband penetration, according to Emap's new digital creative director.

Former Empire editor Colin Kennedy, who is taking up the newly created role across new and existing brands, rejected the idea that magazine publishers had been slow to move onto digital platforms, but added: "We've reached a tipping point with broadband penetration in this country, which means that we're going to need to start rising to the challenge."

Kennedy, who rose from the ranks of Smash Hits! staff to publisher of Empire, said: "I am pretty horrified when magazines don't even have a MySpace page — there are plenty of cost-effective ways of reaching your audience on a more regular basis these days, and it's up to individual teams to reallocate resources. We integrated the magazine and online teams at Empire over two years ago and I will be preaching this gospel at Emap."

Asked if this meant Emap would refocus its efforts on online content, Kennedy said: "My role is mostly in the area of new project development, and I certainly think it's essential that media companies focus on faster growth platforms.

However, there is absolutely not a ‘one size fits all' approach to migrating content and resources online for old media brands, Emap's included."

One of Kennedy's first jobs will be recruiting creative developers and designers as Emap bids to be a leading player in the market. A spokesman for Emap said a new editor at Empire would be announced in the autumn.

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