Emap agrees to compensation

Emap has agreed to pay £1,176 compensation to a journalist on Therapy Weekly after it changed its decision to make her acting editor while the editor was on paternity leave, writes Ruth Addicott.

Joy Ogden, above, was due to leave Therapy Weekly on 11 April, but made a verbal agreement to return to the title for two weeks to cover for the new editor.

Ogden said she turned down work for Brent Council worth £250 a day for the rest of April.

She claimed the contract was broken when the magazine’s publisher, Fraser Murdoch, agreed with new editor Steve Bagshaw that he should employ someone else to cover. She said: “I was shocked and angry to hear that Steve Bagshaw had told Rebecca Norris, news editor at Nursing Times, that I was disgruntled because I didn’t get the editor’s job” and the “inference was that I was ‘leaving under a black cloud'”.

Ogden said Emap settled after she threatened to go to the small claims court.

Ruth Addicott

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