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Editor's blog reveals inner workings of Daily Post

By Dominic Ponsford

Acting editor of the Liverpool Daily Post, Rob Irvine, is offering
readers a “warts and all” insight into the inner workings of the title
by launching a web log.

His daily diary flags up stories set to appear in the next day’s
paper and reveals what has been going on behind the scenes to produce
that day’s edition.

Irvine said: “The blog offers an opportunity
to take a step away from the paper but still engage with readers – like
chatting over a glass or two in the bar rather than preaching from an
editorial ivory tower.

“The style is more relaxed and you can be both self-deprecating and irreverent.

blogs take off here the way they have in the States, then this will
become an important way in which we talk with readers and find out what
they think should be making the news.”

The blog is flagged up in Irvine’s weekly “Trust the Post” reader feedback column and on the newpaper’s icLiverpool website.

week’s blog revealed how the Daily Post team coped with covering
Liverpool’s historic European Cup win on penalties against AC Milan.

wrote: “I tell you, I’m glad I’m not working on the Milan newspaper
rightnow – they must have had their victory headlines ready to go,
until Captain Gerrard started a goalfest that changed the course of
football history.

“That first goal was slotted in just moments
after we had sidelined our victory front page to work on a more sober
version mourning the death of LFC’s dream. As the reds stormed back, so
did our victory front page with the banner headline Kings of Europe,
which you will see on your newsstands a few hours from now (it’s
12.40am on my watch, so you won’t have more than a few hours to
wait).”It has been one of the most thrilling nights we have ever
experienced in the Liverpool Daily Post newsroom, with stories and
pictures pouring in from our journalists in Istanbul and around the
pubs and clubs of Merseyside.

“We are already planning Friday’s
edition – we’re lining up a 16-page souvenir supplement with pictures
from Istanbul plus the homecoming victory parade in Liverpool on
Thursday evening. Something to show the grandkids!”

To read Irvine’s blog, visit www.dailyposteditor.blogspot.com.

Liverpool Echo made a huge increase to its print run last week to cover
the celebrations of Liverpool FC’s dramatic win over AC Milan in the
European Cup.

Reporters worked through the night to produce a 6.30am edition the
day after the match and a special city final edition at 3.30pm,
resulting in an additional 90,000 copies being printed. Coverage of the
match extended to 26 pages.

An army of volunteers were then
deployed to sell the editions, which incorporated a 12-page pullout, to
the 750,000 people on the streets of Liverpool for the victory parade.

Echo also ran off an extra 40,000 copies of its Friday edition, which
included a 16-page pullout on the parade, and increased its print run
by 30,000 on the Saturday.

Acting editor John Brown said: “There
was only one big story in the city last week. On the Thursday the
momentum built up during the day. The team and fans began to fly back
and the story got bigger and bigger.”