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Editor and Publisher blogs on

Reporters from recently closed US press trade magazine, Editor & Publisher, are looking to keep the title alive by filing articles to the new blogging site E&P In Exile.

Last month Press Gazette revealed Nielsen Business Media had closed down the magazine, leaving the US newspaper industry without a trade title.

Staff stayed on to produce the January issue to try and attract potential buyers. At the end of December editor Greg Mitchell wrote: “There appears to be a fairly good chance that Editor & Publisher will resume but we cannot say when or in precisely what form.”

For now though it is surviving as a stripped down blog.

Yesterday, Mitchell posted: “This is the first day in over 125 years that Editor & Publisher is not fully in operation …. But staffers will be maintaining daily contact with our audience via this new blog. And unlike at E&P, we’re even allowed video and comments!”

He added: “We hope we won’t be “Too Long in Exile,” as Van Morrison put it, but please join us while we’re here.”



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