Editing out sponsors will spike football club bullies

Premiership football returned at the weekend. Or to be more precise, the Barclays Premiership did.

It joined the Coca Cola Championship, the new name for the old Nationwide divisions.

We also have the Nationwide Conference, the Ryman League and the Nationwide Women’s Premier League.

In Scotland there is the Bank of Scotland Premier League, in Wales the Vauxhall Masterfit Welsh Premier and in Ireland the Eircom Premier League.

This feast of name checks is gleaned from reading the sports pages of one national newspaper on Monday.

The free publicity is one of the main reasons all these companies pump cash into football.

It would be useful for the football authorities to ponder this as the annual tussle with the press in the shape of the Newspaper Publishers’ Association drags on beyond the start of the season.

A move by editors to cut out the names of sponsors is always an option if the talks fail.

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