Ealing Gazette holds first Pridein People Awards

The Ealing Gazette celebrated unsung heroes in its community this week by hosting the inaugural Pride in Our People Awards.

Winner of the night’s top prize, the Star of Ealing, Willis Wilkie said: “Apart from the time my daughter was born, this is the proudest moment of my life.”

Wilkie was recognised for his work since the Seventies fighting racial prejudice in Southall.

Speaking at the awards dinner in Brentford, Gazette content editor Lindsay Coulson said: “When I became a journalist one of the first things that really amazed me was the thousands upon thousands of people who unselfishly and tirelessly give up their time for others, expecting no reward and usually getting none.

“For many years, the Gazette has prided itself on being the voice of the community and our news team is dedicated to delivering a paper each week which reflects the concerns of our readers and campaigns on their behalf.

It is for that reason why we are proud to be able to give all of you unsung heroes the recognition you so richly deserve.”

Five award winners were given a cheque for £500 and a silver salver.

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