Dublin Daily exceeds expectations

Sales of the newly-launched Dublin Daily reached 54,000 on its first day from a print run of 70,000, writes Des Cryan. Co-founder and sales and marketing director Frank Hannigan said sales on the day of launch exceeded expectations. They levelled off during the week, recording between 44,000 and 48,000 daily.

Hannigan believes the Dublin Daily is being seen as both a morning newspaper and as an alternative to the Evening Herald. The paper’s promoters are now said to be targeting a daily circulation of about 40,000 copies, up from the original figure of 20,000, within six months.

This would be roughly half the market share of the Evening Herald, sales of which are said to include about 15,000 bulk sales daily. The Herald has enjoyed an almost decade-long domination of Dublin’s mid-market tabloid sector.

Des Cryan

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