Driving editor resigns after car crash

The Sunday Times is thought to be pursuing the former editor of its motoring supplement, Driving, for a substantial sum of money after a £150,000 Ferrari Maranello was damaged while in his care.

The test car is believed to have been driven into a bus stop by a friend of Nick Gardner, who resigned immediately after the accident.

The paper is now understood to be trying to recover the cost of the damage from both him and his friend – who was not insured to drive the car.

Sunday Times managing editor Richard Caseby said: “The car was

driven away without permission by a friend of Nick’s, then editor of Driving, and was damaged. Since Nick was responsible for the car, he then resigned.”

Tom Robbins is now acting editor of Driving. He was previously deputy

editor and has been a senior newsroom journalist.

Gardner had edited Driving since its launch last September. Caseby refused to comment on any possible legal action. He said: “Any legal action is a matter for the parties concerned.”

The cost of repairing the damage

to the crashed top-of-the-range

Ferrari is thought to be substantial, but Caseby said that no figure had been finalised.

Ferrari declined to comment.

by Mary Stevens

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