Dog watches dog 20.02.03

No comprendo ‘daily’, Senor Lawson?

Freelance Barrie Tracy has been watching with interest the ongoing battle between circulation promoters on Spain’s Costa del Sol as they try to woo the ex-pat and holidaymaker markets.

Tracey, who has had an office in the fashionable resort for 25 years, was particularly intrigued when a proud newspaper kiosk owner unveiled a spanking, colourful new canopy on Avenida Ricardo Soriano in Marbella that read “The Sunday Telegraph. Now printed Daily in Spain.”

A Costa cock-up? Or Dominic Lawson’s first move in a bid for world domination?

Dog has a good idea how Charles Moore might react. “Never in a month of Sundays…”

It ASDA be a mistake

When Surrey-Hants Star editor Alan Franklin received what he decided was the worst press release in his long journalistic career he took revenge –by publishing the offending message complete with errors. It read:

“Janueary 2003… Today ASDA Farnborouhg is calling on all parents to stop off at the customer service desk and pick up a leaflet for the latest Tommy’s parents friendly awards. The leaflets are available untill 9 Feb and parents are being asked to vote in 24 categories… for mums, dads and littel ones. Every voting form recevied will be entered into a prize draw with two lucky winners receving a year’s supply of nappies.”

Franklin added that the store manager was quoted as “asking shoppres to come and vote” and commented: “So, if you are a shoppre with a littel one, you know what to do.”

Mind you, he showed commendable compassion by saying, “I will draw a veil over the identity of the guilty party who wrote it. I do have some mercy.”

Bruce is one of this chountry’s finest

As veteran South Today presenter Bruce Parker picked up his Directors Special Award for his 38 years in broadcasting, at the inaugural BBC Rubys ceremony in Birmingham, former colleague and Woman’s Hour presenter Jenni Murray reminisced about the times they’d worked together. She recalled how Parker, in the heat of an interview, pronounced the word “chasm” exactly as it’s spelt. His producer, a little miffed this faux pas had taken place on his shift, left a message with colleagues to relay to the presenter once he got back to the studio: “Tell Brian he’s a chunt!”

Room with a view of Tracey’s assets for Sport readers

Who says the Daily Sport readers aren’t a cultured breed?

Joe Harmston, director of the Blue Room, was sitting behind a pair of them last week in the audience of the racy West End play starring Coronation Street’s Tracey Shaw.

After the show, with their Sport copies at the ready for Tracey to sign, the two discussed the play.

“I thought it would be just a chance to see Trace starkers,” said one, “but it made you think, didn’t it?” To which his mate replied, “Yeah. But I don’t see why we had to see a guy stark-bollock naked too.”

Fergie v Becks

With the dressing room bust-up in which Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson injured his club captain with a flying football boot dominating The Sun’s back page, Dog wonders whether anybody happened to notice the advert in the bottom left corner: Injured at work…?

Beaminster drugs best

Dog figured the journalists at the Western Gazette must have been on some top-grade gear when they did this rather unusual bit of consumer testing.

But the kennel cancelled its away-day trip to score a stash in Beaminster when it discovered the less exciting truth. The billboard should have read ‘Beaminster Drugs Bust’, apparently.

What a, like, bummer, man.

A touch of digital surgery for GQ’s Jones

Digital enhancement is all the rage at GQ. Tony Blair, Kate Winslet and now Iain Duncan Smith have all gone under the graphical surgeon’s knife. So Dog decided to see how GQ editor Dylan Jones would look if he was to ply his editing trade elsewhere.

Here he is as Dylan Pollard, former Sunday Mirror editor; Dylan A’Court, editor of Press Gazette’s stablemate Meat Trades Journal; Dylan Wade, page-three stunna and editor of The Sun; and Dylan Johnson, Spectator editor and Tory MP. Does your editor need a makeover? Let Dog know by e-mailing

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