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Dog watches dog 16.01.03

Attack of the clones has peaceful end

A potential legal tussle over the Daily Star Sunday’s shameless cloning of the News of the World mag Sunday has been defused after a pretty little exchange of written pleasantries.

For once managing to contain her fiery temper, Rebekah Wade, in one of her final acts as NoW editor, called off her legal whippets and instead penned a missive to Diamond Des himself complaining about Hot Celebs.

“What a flatterer you are!” she gushed. “What a magnificent judge of the best in Sunday journalism.

“Never have I seen a more detailed, admiring and exact copy of another supplement.”

La Wade suggested that Express Newspapers should “make a sizeable donation to Clonaid”.

She couldn’t resist pointing out that the cloning had only gone so far – her ad department had managed 15 full-page ads to Hot Celebs’ five.

Replying on notepaper headed Daily Star Sunday, the newspaper that’s trying – very – with a subdeck “From Rebekah’s admirer”, DD wrote: “Pleased to read that you are not going to send me lawyers’ letters. You have made me laugh, thank you and you can rest assured the advertising department will get a bollocking.”

It was signed: “Lots of love, Richard.”