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Jag ‘scoop’ jogs memories

The Parrys at the Daily Mirror are becoming quite famous for their “exclusives” – some for the wrong reasons. The paper’s Tom Parry claimed his story about fire boss Paul Fuller accepting £70,000 from the supposedly strapped fire authority was an exclusive.

Maybe he forgot that Bedfordshire on Sunday editor Steve Lowe had sent the story to him a week before.

TITLE: Daily Mirror, 22 May, 2004.

EXCLUSIVE CLAIM: “Fire chief in £70k Jag fury.”

SOURCE: Bedfordshire on Sunday, 16 May, 2004.

NOMINATED BY: Bedfordshire on Sunday editor Steve Lowe.

NOMINATOR’S COMMENT: “I actually sent the Mirror this story on 15 May and they printed it on the 22 May. They did manage to use a different picture but to be honest the story is unerringly close to the one we used.

“Most of the time we tend not to use bylines unless they are really well deserved. Even in this case I thought I wouldn’t use my byline on the story but the Mirror went ahead and used one on theirs.”



Hussain: beat a hasty retreat

You can run, Nasser, but you can’t hide

The day after announcing his retirement from test cricket, the former England captain Nasser Hussain took his family out for a quiet pub lunch.

But the outing to the quaint Essex village of Little Baddow turned into something from the Twilight Zone, when Nasser and his family realised that nearly everybody at the General’s Arms that day was a journalist.

The day he had chosen for lunch was also the day of Shepherd Neame’s Essex Journalist of the Year Awards.

Laurence Cawley, chief reporter at the Evening Gazette, said: “Nasser and his family were making a beeline back to their car when we arrived and both were clearly surprised by what they had walked into.

“They turned down requests for photographs before heading off.”


Scottish journalist turned quangocrat Jim Hunter has blasted some of his former hack colleagues for their doleful attitude to the enterprise movement.

The mild-mannered Hunter, who cut his teeth as a features writer on the Press & Journal, Aberdeen, is currently chairman of Highlands and Islands Enterprise – the area’s economic and community development agency.

In a speech to Scottish MSPs, Hunter accused the Scottish media of filling the vacuum left by Calvinist, pessimistic religion. Hunter thundered: “Once in Scotland, we paid preachers pittances to tell us we’re no bloody good. Now we pay press columnists big fees to do the same… and to do so in defiance of the facts.”


The Evening Standard cleverly signed up Rebecca Loos, the woman who claims to have had an affair with David Beckham, to do a review of night life in Madrid. The “Sleazy Senorita” (c. The Sun) duly came up with the amusing line “Rioja around the clock” in said article. However, one issue of the Standard managed to mangle it as “Rioja around the cock”- rather aptly, Dog thought.

Channel 4 News presenter Jon Snow is well known for his garish collection of ties, but this month he’s modelling a rather different item of clothing.

He’s joined in the giant pants by Olympic medal winner Iwan Thomas, chat-show host Graham Norton, TV presenter Dermot O’Leary, acclaimed British actor Simon Callow and comedian Dave Gorman to launch the seventh Everyman Male Cancer Awareness Month, helping to raise awareness of testicular and prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer kills one man every hour in the UK and testicular cancer has risen by 70 per cent in the last 20 years so the Everyman Campaign is calling on men to be aware of these cancers and not die of ignorance. Testicular cancer is 96 per cent curable if caught early.

“So many more people are living with cancer – living better lives than we ever dared hope,” said Snow. “Now, together, we must find a cure.”

Dog agrees wholeheartedly. But still can’t help worrying that the bearded Gorman appears to have no legs.

From the Liverpool Daily Post. For weeks, since Everton had a dreadful end to the Premiership season, fans have been moaning about the board  – and the fact they have been so quiet. How appropriate, then, that the new board, according to the report, has been “muted” rather than “mooted” for some time.

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