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Disability magazine gets its first disabled editor

Disability Now magazine has recruited its first disabled editor in 23 years of publication.

Former editor of the Disability Programmes unit at BBC Television, Ian Macrae, has joined the magazine produced by disability organisation, Scope.

Macrae, who is blind, has broadcasting experience spanning back 25 years. He said it was important that a disabled person should take up the post.

‘I can talk about the lives of disabled people with a frankness and openness that is easier to do because I am a disabled person myself,” he said.

Disability Now is to be relaunched on 25 October under its new editor with a redesign by creative agency Engage Group.

It will change size from A3 to A4 with a front section emphasis on current affairs and back section on lifestyle issues like fashion for wheelchair users.

The magazine’s contents will be entirely available online but as yet is not formatted for certain disabilities. Macrae said that if demand for a Braille version existed, the organisation would look at funding it.