Devon MPs back FoI campaign

The Torquay-based Herald Express has reported that South Devon’s three MPs have thrown their weight behind the campaign to stop FoI being watered down.

They were encouraged by Torbay-based journalism trainer David Scott, who is campaigning hard against the FoI changes.

Adrian Sanders MP told the paper: ‘It is quite clear it would have a detrimental effect on the principles of the Act.

‘When we have the firm proposals, if they follow through from the consultation paper, we will be opposing it with everything we have got.’Teignbridge MP Richard Younger-Ross said: ‘I see no evidence that the Act needs to be limited and would therefore oppose the proposals.’Scott said: ‘If we don’t fight this with everything at our disposal then we deserve to let Government, councils and quangos remain secret bastions never to be stormed.’Herald Express editor Andy Phelan said: ‘The Freedom of Information Act has enabled us to report stories which would previously have remained untold.

‘Without it, we may not be able to let our readers know how their taxes are being spent and how their elected representatives and other publicly accountable figures conduct their business.

‘I don’t think it’s in anyone’s interest to restrict our, and the public’s, access to such information and I trust our local MPs will forcefully object to the Government’s plans.”

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