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Dennis, dodgy accountants and Sammy the Hamster

Felix Dennis has never been your run-of-the-mill publishing magnate so it’s therefore no surprise that the Dennis Publishing website is full of surprises.

The site has just added a ‘Dennis Trivia Quiz‘page, which reveals all you could possibly wish to know about the company.

It also exposes some of the secrets a more conventional outfit might have preferred to conceal, such as revealing how many former accountants at Dennis have served ‘serious jail time”, for offences including fraud and conspiracy to murder

Other questions include: Which famous heavy metal musician used to sleep on the company’s design studio floor in the 1970s? hich band played at the company’s Christmas party in 1978?  Which magazine editor at the company went on to be a huge pop star?

Axegrinder recommends you take the quiz, if only to learn the important part played in the company’s history by ‘Sammy the Office Hamster’.




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