Day of solidarity for Iraq journalists' “courage and professionalism”

The International Federation of Journalists is holding a global day of solidarity on Sunday in support of the journalists of Iraq.

IFJ president Jim Boumelha and general secretary Aidan White said in a joint letter to Iraqi unions: ‘In these dark and dangerous days, the journalists of Iraq are showing great courage and professionalism in their defiance of intimidation and the inhumanity of extremists whose callous disregard for the right to life has caused so much suffering to Iraqi media.

‘This horrifying ordeal is one that inspires solidarity, compassion and determination among journalists of the world. We shall work with you to end the killings, to provide support for the victims of violence and to stand shoulder to shoulder with you in your fight for peace, tolerance and the creation of a democratic media culture for the people of Iraq.”

According to the IFJ, at least 212 Iraqi journalists have been killed since the current Iraq conflict began in 2003. So far this year some 39 Iraqi journalists have been killed.

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