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Daily Mail sports snapper smashed by Spurs winger Andros Townsend

A Daily Mail photographer was left with a badly cut head after a footballer crashed into him on the sideline of a premier league match.

Graham Chadwick, who has more than 25 years experience as a photographer, was struck by Tottenham winger Andros Townsend during yesterday’s match against Hull City.

The photographer had just taken a shot of the England international in action when the player slid off  the pitch out of control and crashed into him.

Chadwick had no time to react to avoid the collision.

Speaking after the accident, Chadwick said: “I’ve been a football photographer for 25 years and that’s never happened before!

“I had blood pouring out of my head thanks to Andros Townsend’s boot and opened my eyes to see him lying beneath me on the concrete floor.

“What you don’t realise at Spurs is that the hoardings are very deceiving – it’s like a horse jumping over a fence at the Grand National. 

“There is a huge drop behind them – almost like an extra dug out surrounding the pitch. I’m 6ft but if I was standing in the dip I would only just be able to see over the pitch.  

“I saw Andros Townsend flying towards me at a tremendous speed, battling it out for the ball with Hull City’s David Meyler. 

I took a photo – which is the last thing I saw – before I went to put my camera down and take cover as he was flying at me. But by the time I did he was already on the floor beneath me.”

The player was treated for five minutes after the incident but managed to return to the field after the accident.

According to Chadwick: “He came flying over the hoarding, did a full somersault and the stud of one of his boots caught me in the head on the way down. 

I had blood spattered all over my press pass and all down my waterproof trousers. I was aware my head was suddenly wet but adrenaline kicks in. 

“As he was lying underneath me I was asking him if he was OK, but then the paramedics and the Tottenham physio all came over and asked me if I was OK. “I was bandaged up on the spot to try to stem the bleeding but then escorted to a St John’s ambulance where three people looked after me and cleaned up the wound.

“At the moment they’ve used a plaster to try to stop the bleeding, but if it doesn’t stop then they’ve told me I will have to have stitches.”



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